The story

Pépé Guido is a tribute to grandfather Guido, originally from Sassari in Sardinia. It is the family story of Alexandre Pinna, director of the group and grand nephew of Alphonse Mounier, (founder of the Fonfon restaurant), but it is also the story of a solid friendship with Robert Juillet, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Philippe Gilly, a professional butcher for over 50 years. Nicknamed the «grandfather butchers», they have been working for nearly twenty years in the establishments of the Alphonse & Jean group, contributing their savoir faire, preparing with care and high standards all the meats and charcuterie served to customers.
They now have their own butcher’s shop, Pépé Guido, located on the corniche, just above the Vallon and offer the entire Malmousque area exceptional products selected directly from small producers, those “who respect and care for animals” as they like to say. Pépé Guido forms a link between a passionate profession and the expectations of a clientele eager to consume better: advice and expertise are reserved without restraint. In a black and white tiled decor, a superb coloured fresco retraces the life of Pépé Guido in the Mediterranean. A beautiful setting for displaying the beautiful cuts of French meats (d'Aubrac, Limousin, Ventoux and Sisteron), the ready-to-cook preparations (larks, patapoufs and skewers of all kinds) or the delicious pies prepared on site by the ‘papi butchers’.

The story of the prime rib ...

And not just any prime rib, Pépé’s prime rib, the one he loved to prepare for the family; THE prime rib! Robert Juillet and Philippe Gilly aka «the granfather butchers» perpetuate Pépé Guido’s legacy at the corniche butcher’s shop which pays tribute to him. There is something for everyone. Beef close to home, with Aubrac, redder with Limousin or fatter for gourmets with Simmental, Pépé’s rib of beef is different: matured just enough, it is prepared with care and above all a lot of love, it is completely de-veined for more melting and flavour. Packaged with care, the Pépé Guido team will treat you by adding a 7-day-old garlic confit, herbs from Provence and coarse Camargue salt and cracked pepper to yor box. Pépé’s rib of beef,we are proud to take it home to friends or grandma; it’s a bit like inviting the butcher to your table (we also accept real invitations!).

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